La Nova Executive Retreats are run by La Nova Group; a company dedicated to optimising your health, wellbeing and personal performance

La Nova Executive Retreats provides unique ‘person-centred’ 7-day residential retreats in beautiful Spain for high-performing and sucessful senior executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders across all sectors who need to take some time out of their high-pressured work environments to recharge, reflect and restore.  Our ethos is to provide a high-quality, transformational programme that refreshes the mind and the body, is life-changing and leaves our clients more able to cope with every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

Why you should come on a La Nova Executive Retreat?

- You can feel that you’re not performing at your best at work and you’ve tried everything to snap out of it
- You’re at a crossroads in your career, or maybe your life, and you need expert support to help you make some big decisions
- You need some quality time out, and help to quieten the chatter in your head and reflect on life, work and everything
- The pressure of work is starting to overwhelm you
- You need to recharge your batteries

The Programme

We believe that what makes La Nova Executive Retreats special is our carefully-designed programme of person-centred activities and sessions led by a team of highly trained experts.