Why Choose La Nova Retreats?

Senior executives and leaders across all business sectors, are under pressure like never before.

Faced with the relentless demands of corporate life, the need to perform at the highest level and achieve great results for the business, shareholders and a range of stakeholders.

In order to maintain peak performance, it is crucial that senior executives take time out at intervals to recharge, refresh and replenish themselves. We at La Nova understand that and have developed a truly transformational programme that combines workshops, physical activity, coaching, 1-1 sessions and relaxation that will impact on you profoundly. This is not a ‘same ole, same ole’ retreat!

You will have already tried lots of ways to manage and change how you are feeling and coping with the demands on you; from having the odd day off to rest and recover, maybe having a spa day, even a few days in the sun, but nothing has worked! Within days back at work, you feel like you’ve never been away!

We want you to see La Nova Retreats as an investment, not as an expense! An investment in you! The return on investment is you performing at your optimum when you return to work, and better able to manage your heavy workloads, conflicting demands and deadline pressures, along with improved professional and personal relationships.

We run La Nova Retreats from Wednesdays to Wednesdays; allowing our clients to use the start and end of each week back in the office if needed.

For appointments and hours of operation, please call La Nova Retreats at +44(0) 20 38 28 7311