Meet the La Nova Retreats Team

The La Nova Retreats team is highly experienced, credible and authentic with an unrivalled passion for excellence. You can count on us to provide superior customer-focused service and experiences that exceed your expectations.

Cedi Frederick - FCMI, MistLM, FRSA, FIoD - La Nova Retreats team

Cedi Frederick - FCMI, MistLM, FRSA, FIoD

Chief Executive Officer and Retreat Director

Cedi is La Nova Group’s CEO and a former England international basketball player who has built a 30 year career as a successful business leader, with over 25 years Chief Executive level experience running multi-million-pound organisations. In addition to running La Nova Group, Cedi leads his own consultancy, providing personal performance coaching to executives and advising organisations on strategy, business development and change management. Cedi has lived through many of the challenges that lead our clients to La Nova Retreats and has a real understanding and appreciation of the pressures that come with a senior leadership role.

Juliet Adams - MSc, FCIPD - La Nova Retreats team

Juliet Adams - MSc, FCIPD

Mindfulness Programme Director

Juliet has designed a unique Mindfulness programme for La Nova Retreats that will provide our clients with practical tools and techniques to improve personal and organisational productivity, resilience and change readiness. The programme will be delivered by Juliet and her hand-picked team of associates, all of whom have been trained by Juliet

Juliet is an energetic, highly motivated consultant, trainer and learning facilitator. She has spent much of her career working with organisations to enhance leadership capability, and helping organisations to work effectively in times of change. Working via Juliet’s focus is finding innovative, practical ways to bring mindfulness to the world of work.

Juliet is founder of, an information packed web-based mindfulness information resource (see below) and is the author of 'Making the Business Case for Mindfulness', 'Mindfulness at work for Dummies' and most recently ‘Mindful Leadership for Dummies’.

Juliet contributed to the "Mindful Nation UK" report, a UK government policy recommendation document released in October 2015 to the UK Parliament. Juliet served as an expert advisor to the Mindfulness Initiative, a government sponsored UK think tank, and helped to author and edit ‘Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace’.

Maria Goldsmith - La Nova Retreats team

Maria Goldsmith

Lead Counsellor

Maria runs her own consultancy since 2009 and has over 20 years’ experience of leading and supporting people successfully through change. Maria is a highly skilled and qualified personal counsellor, mediator and trainer who provides off the shelf and bespoke training and development solutions to a broad range of organisations, with specific experience in the public and voluntary sector.
Maria’s philosophy is built upon mapping, planning and delivering “win/win” outcomes that meet the needs of the individual.

Andy Bradley - BA - La Nova Retreats team

Andy Bradley - BA

Lead Facilitator

Andy Bradley is Director of ‘Frameworks 4 Change’; an organisation that works for the greater good, investigating healthy minds and enabling a shift from threat based systems to calm and connected people, teams and organisations since 2004. Andy is one of 'Britain's New Radicals' as recognised by The Observer and NESTA.

Karen Joanne Elliott - La Nova Retreats team

Karen Joanne Elliott

Personal Trainer

Karen Joanne brings 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry to La Nova Active. She has qualified in, and taught a wide range of classes. Karen Joanne is a qualified Pilates, Zumba, Fight Klub and indoor cycling instructor, Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach and Structural Bodyworker. Her deep understanding of mobility and functional movement has resulted in Karen Joanne developing her unique class concepts – ‘Mmmove’ and ‘Flow Movement Meditation’. Karen Joanne is known for her professionalism, drive and passion for fitness and her classes are designed to help people lead freer and happier lives.

Karen Joanne has presented both in the UK and abroad, and during 2017 she ran the first of her own weekend retreats and events.

As an Assessor and an Ambassador for Exercise Move Dance UK Karen Joanne is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards within the fitness industry.

Karen is also Creative Director of La Nova Active.

Erika Palankai - La Nova Retreats team

Erika Palankai

Personal Trainer

Erika’s passion for strength and stability in the body has enabled her to develop a personal training style which incorporates skills such as balance, co-ordination and flexibility with a strong focus on postural correction. Erika’s particular area of expertise is lower back conditioning, functional anatomy, corrective exercise and postural training.

Erika combines her BSc in Physical Education with her many years of experience as a level 4 personal trainer to help her clients to improving their conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, ataxia and multiple sclerosis.

Rosa Moure - La Nova Retreats team

Rosa Moure

Client Services Manager

Rosa will be available throughout the Executive Retreats to provide an efficient, courteous and helpful point of contact for our clients.

Rosa has a background in customer service and speaks French, English and of course Spanish.

For appointments and hours of operation, please call the La Nova Retreats at +44(0) 20 38 28 7311.

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