ImageThe Judgement Index

Leadership requires good judgement.  The Judgement Index measures your ability to make sound judgements and decisions over 25+ different aspects. It covers decisions involving work tasks and details, long-term strategic outlooks and goals, and the factors you include and exclude when making people-based judgements.

It uncovers the impact that your decision-making style has on: the people you work with, your ability to tolerate and understand others, your leadership style, safety issues at work, your energy and stress levels, and much more.  It also evaluates the decisions you make outside of work, and how these impact on your work performance, resilience, personal relationships, health, wellness and stress levels.

The Judgement Index is scientifically and mathematically proven, with over 40 years research and a Nobel prize nomination for the creator.  It is increasingly used for executive level coaching used by companies across the world including Fortune 500 companies.

La Nova Executive Retreats has chosen to use the Judgement Index because of its depth, accuracy and the unique way it measures values-based behaviours both in the external and internal world.  The Judgement Index fits with La Nova Executive Retreat’s holistic approach and will provide incredibly useful insights to the participants and coach.  The online assessment will take around 15 minutes to complete and you will receive personal feedback before arriving at the Retreat.  The results of the Judgement Index assessment will be used by the La Nova Executive Retreat team to support you during your 7 day, transformational journey.

ImageA Head for Work

Since 2008 A Head for Work has been a pioneer in the application of neuroscience to leadership. A Head for Work's unique approach is based on the work of the world’s foremost neuroscientists, leadership researchers, and change specialists with the aim of transforming the way individuals and organisations think, behave, and perform.

Unlike ‘content-in- results-out’ development programmes, our programmes are designed to facilitate behaviour change, something only possible when underlying mindsets are surfaced and adjusted. Mindfulness is at the heart of our programmes because it increases awareness of behaviour and mindsets - providing the foundation for lasting behaviour change.
‘A Head for Work’ provides bespoke mindfulness at work programmes to improve performance, personal effectiveness, resilience, and perspective.  

For appointments and hours of operation, please call La Nova Retreats at +44 (0) 7976 785168