Transformation Stories

Our retreats are truly transformational and curated with each participants' needs at the centre. Everyone who attends has a unique story. Our role is to equip you with tools to help you get the most out of your life's journey.  

In June 2018, we hosted our first La Nova Retreat cohort and were moved by the positive feedback coming back from our participants following their experience.

"Great communication from the beginning - from allowing plenty of time to complete the prep work, and receive feedback on to this. Hassle free - guidance was clear and once at the airport everything was handled. It was helpful not having the stress to worry about what was next as this was all taken care of. Once at the resort - all was taken care of and timings were clearly communicated. Throughout the week, the retreat team able to be flexible while remaining with the plan was refreshing and felt like all was covered in line with our expectation of the week."

"Great space to accommodate all needs and also to allow free time and space when needed as didn't feel on top of each other. There is everything you need all within walking distance so if you didn't want to, you didn't need to leave the resort. Bungalows were very spacious with main amenities."

"Good and varied choice with each meal and always felt full - good portion sizes and nice fresh fruit always available."

"Group work was better than I expected - drove a real connection and trusting atmosphere that enabled growth and learning."

"The varied sessions were great and well laid out so that it didn't feel overwhelming. Starting the day with the MWFB was beneficial because it just set you up nicely for the day - not too intense but helped to gain an understanding/connection with the body and how it works i.e. all the small neglected areas of the body that are so important for whole total body movement and well-being. Group work was extremely beneficial and what I felt was the core of the program and although these did at times feel intense, there was enough breaks and changes to other sessions which allowed them to be beneficial but not overbearing – which enabled positive and long-lasting messages to stay with you. Mindfulness was good although at times was difficult for me to get fully involved due to feeling drained at times so I felt I wasn't able to fully enjoy the physical practice of this but definitely was able to draw valuable tips and general awareness that I've been able to apply since. We didn't have as much time as expected on the Judgement Index but due to the session prior to the retreat, I think this wasn't so impactful on me as I was able to refer to it during the week and refresh myself. The sessions were incredibly powerful at times and I really think they will have long-lasting and positive impacts on me going forward. I think it will remain with me for some time. The retreat team did a good job focussing on areas that were important and not dwelling on others.

"Amazing experience. Judgement Index pre-retreat questionnaire offered a good starting point to the retreat. Loved and welcomed the attention to details eg transport to and from airport, welcome basket, Rosa taking care of practical issues. Loved the structure and flow of the retreat eg the C’s. Great combination of elements in content – mind, body and soul. Amazing venue and amazing food."

For appointments and hours of operation, please call La Nova Retreats at +44 (0) 7976 785168